Success! Plinth attracts £32,000 of investment from 1270 backers!

What a rollercoaster the last few weeks have been!

I have never been very good at courting attention from the media, and have never engaged with social media. But in order to get the word out and attract attention to the kickstarter project, I have done my best to learn these skills. Everything took off in a big way when one of my prototypes was reviewed in the USA on a Tech TV channel called Geekbeat TV.

They have a really cool presenter called John Pozadzides – and he loves the Plinth! He did a great review with his team mate Cali Lewis – you can watch it here

In order to get the tools made and produce everyone’s rewards, post them out etc is going to cost me nearly £30,000. The project raised over £32,000, so now I can order tools to be made by my favourite toolmaker – Hayden Products in Maidenhead.