The world's best pocket stand

Why did I design Plinth?

Like many others, I fell in love with the iPad when it came out in 2010.

For sketching ideas, working with photos, surfing the web and keeping in touch with social media, I loved its portability, simplicity, and most of all feel! It felt good to actually touch and interact with the screen with my fingers, rather than via a keyboard.

I tried all sorts of cases, covers and stands in my search for a stable, adjustable support to hold my tablet whilst I worked. For me, the only case I could get on with was a minimal protective cover which preserved the lovely feeling of holding a simple tablet. To me, this was important.

All the stands I tried were wobbly, awkward, or too big/heavy to go in my pocket – the iPad is a mobile device. I needed a stand to easily keep with me everywhere.

Simple, but important

Further research revealed horrifying statistics about the number of young people seeking medical help for severe back and neck pain – almost entirely because of this new technology which has us looking DOWN for long periods.