About John

Forever seeking calmer waters! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve been a sailor, a designer, a business owner, employer, and now feel slightly awkward when called an ‘entrepreneur’.

I love people, our fragile natural world, and playing with new ideas.

I don’t like being told “It has to be that way”.

Who I am

A very ordinary person. I am told I have a creative mind. It makes my life tricky. I’m good at singing as long as no one can hear me.

What I Do

I use my creative talents and experience of design to create products which I hope people find useful.

My Mission

To try and enjoy my passage through this life with as much benefit, and as little harm, to others as I can manage.

A short history

From school I joined the Royal Fleet Auxiliary as a trainee Navigator, and spent 8 happy years keeping the Royal Navy topped up with fuel, rockets and beer.

In 1986 it was time for a change, so I studied for a degree in Industrial Design in London. Then came 2 years in consultancy and a year in Industry, before starting on my own in 1991. I grew my own consultancy to a team of eight. We had a great time.

Then everything went pear-shaped. I moved to a beautiful quiet village in Somerset, from where I continue to design things – sometimes for others but increasingly ย that I manufacture myself.

I’m married to an amazing person, and have 3 incredible children. Well I think so.

Product design?